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Installing a desk with Desk Panel

Installation - Predrill DPG

Predrill holes

Predrill the screw holes and clean up the wood shavings.
It will ensure the right positioning.

Installation - Screw DPG

Use Ø 4.5mm countersink

Avoid damaging your desk panel – use the right screws:
 - Ø 4.5 mm
 - 90° countersink screw
Do NOT use screws with a milling head. They will cut into the housing of the desk panel.

Installation - Don;t overtighten DPG

Do not overtighten

Fasten the screws sufficiently.
But be sure not to overtighten the screws.

Installation - Cable DPG

Ensure Cable mobility

Make sure that the cable has unimpeded mobility over the first centimeters from the housing.
Use a clip to attach the cable to the tabletop.
DPG - How to initialize and adjust the desk play-icon

DPG - How to initialize and adjust the desk.

How to pair to an app play-icon

DPG - How to pair to an app

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