External battery charger for LINAK JUMBO systems in patient lifts. Allows one battery to charge while a system operates on a second battery. Comes with LED light indicators and multi-SMPS.


The charger CHJ2 has been specially designed for use as a wall-charger for the JUMBO system.

The charger CHJ2 is a Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) version which makes charging of the batteries more efficient.

The charging time for a BAJ or a BAJL (Standard) battery pack is approx. 4 hours. Electrical voltage from 100 V AC - 240 V AC (50/60 Hz) is possible on the same charger.

The charger indicates whether the charger is connected to the power outlet (green LED) or whether the battery is being charged (yellow LED). Medically approved.

CHJ2 data sheet

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