Charging Point

This is an innovative and elegant charging point for pedestal recliners. All versions of the cable plugs as well as charging points are designed to guide the user and prevent both damage to the plugs or personal injury if the cable gets caught on something.

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LINAK actuator system for recliners. When comfort is your bottom line.

Charging Point

The LINAK CP series has a number of innovative and elegant charging points for recliners. To match elegant, modern recliner designs LINAK® developed the CP Charging Point. It accommodates furniture brands’ request for a discreet power connection to the furniture, as well as retailers' wish to minimize the number of quality issues.

The LINAK® CP comes in several versions:

  1. Simple cable connection
  2. Basic charging point with LED light indicator

A ‘safety release cable’ is an option. This is a short cable you place between the charging point and the power cable.

It protects both cables and plugs, and prevents serious personal injury, if the cable gets caught on something. Instead of breaking the cable or tearing the plugs, the safety release cable quickly separates cable ends without breaking anything.

Reconnecting the chair is easy – just re-plug the ‘safety release cable’.

LA10 system data sheet

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LA10 system user manual

This user manual will explain how to pair, set up and use the LA10 system for recliners.

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