Local jobs

Vacancy Location Published
Marketing Specialist Louisville, KY, US 2/23/2018
Janitor - 1st Shift Louisville, KY US 2/22/2018
Janitor - 2nd Shift Louisville, KY US 2/22/2018
Product Specialist Louisville, KY, US 2/5/2018
Maintenance Technician - 3rd Shift Louisville, KY US 1/30/2018
Customer Relations Supervisor Louisville, KY, US 1/29/2018
Warehouse Supervisor Louisville, KY, US 1/19/2018
Applications Engineer II Louisville, KY, US 1/18/2018
Maintenance Technician II - 2nd Shift Louisville, KY US 1/15/2018
Electronic Product Engineer Louisville, KY, US 1/9/2018
Powder Coating Technician Louisville, KY US 12/14/2017
Maintenance Technician II Louisville, KY US 12/4/2017
Machine Operator Lousville, KY US 7/21/2017
Manufacturing Assembler - 2nd Shift Louisville, KY US 5/10/2017
Manufacturing Assembler - 3rd Shift Louisville, KY US 5/10/2017
Manufacturing Assembler - 1st Shift Louisville, KY US 5/9/2017

International jobs

Vacancy Location Published
Udviklingsingeniør til elektrisk produktansvar - TECHLINE Headquarters, Sonderborg, Denmark 2/21/2018
Sales Engineer NSW New South Wales 2/16/2018
Testingeniør til Elektronikproduktion - med fokus på produktudvikling & drift Headquarters, Sonderborg, Denmark 2/16/2018
Jurist til international koncern Headquarters, Sonderborg, Denmark 2/7/2018
Udviklingsingeniør - effekt og embedded elektronik Headquarters, Sonderborg, Denmark 2/1/2018
Logistikleiter (m/w) LINAK GmbH, Nidda, Deutschland 1/25/2018
IT Business Intelligence Konsulent Headquarters, Sonderborg, Denmark 1/22/2018
Produktionsingeniør - til fremtidens produktion Headquarters, Sonderborg, Denmark 1/19/2018
Erfaren og engageret bogholder Headquarters, Sonderborg, Denmark 1/15/2018
IT Sharepoint Consultant Headquarters, Sonderborg, Denmark 1/10/2018
Projektleder - R&D/Project Manager - R&D Headquarters, Sonderborg, Denmark 1/4/2018
Arbejdsleder, daghold - DESKLINE Headquarters, Sonderborg, Denmark 12/21/2017
Salgsingeniør (Medical)/Sales Engineer (Medical) Headquarters, Sonderborg, Denmark 12/8/2017
Erfaren maskiningeniør til produktudvikling/Experienced engineer for product development Headquarters, Sonderborg, Denmark 12/1/2017
Studerende til Ingeniørpraktik Headquarters, Sonderborg, Denmark 9/4/2017
Uopfordret ansøgning / Unsolicited application Headquarters, Sonderborg, Denmark 6/2/2017

Worth knowing before applying

At LINAK, it is essential that you are able to thrive in an open and honest environment where you are a positive and trustworthy part of a team.

If this describes you, we look forward to hearing from you. Please send us your resume (CV), with your application explaining why you are applying and how you can contribute.



Anne, Development Engineer at LINAK A/S


Christian, Development Engineer at LINAK A/S


Henrik, Manager in Customer Logistics at LINAK A/S


Jette, Product Maintenance Manager at LINAK A/S


Nina, Product Marketing Manager at LINAK A/S


LINAK values handbook

The LINAK journey from small workshop, with only a handful of people, to a successful international market leader, was based on a set of deeply rooted values.

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