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LINAK = Great Place to Work + Professional Challenges²

Join an international technology company full of dedicated, skilled and highly capable people creating adjustable solutions to improve the lives of others.

LINAK = Great Place to Work + Professional Challenges²

LINAK – improving life around the world

Do you dream of a job that truly lets you improve other people's lives? Working with LINAK lets you do just that. Developing our skills, knowledge, products and processes to ensure that we make a positive difference to our customers, users and colleagues – that is what we work for.

LINAK is characterized by solid success, steady growth, a strong sense of quality in products, processes and technology. Furthermore, there is a continuous focus on improving in a challenging work environment.

“We Improve Your Life” is not just a catchy statement – it is our promise to the world!

Make it a 'Great Place to Work'

There is no denying it – we are proud of the successes and the results we have had over the years. At LINAK, we acknowledge this as the result of 2000+ dedicated colleagues across the company and our subsidiaries. In fact, we value our employee as as our most precious asset! 

Strong leadership, an action-oriented attitude and focus on maintaining an inspiring work life go hand in hand with open minds, positive attitudes and a spacious sandbox to test new ideas. At LINAK, you are not working for a family – you are part of it. 

Have your own Professional Challenges²

Whether you find Power Electronics the most exciting field in the world, specialize in DMAIC methodology to improve business processes, excel in handling complicated CNC machinery or work with other aspects of mechanics, electronics, software, or production engineering, you can always go further. Deep expertise and a hunger to do better are the key drivers. LINAK only prospers when everyone strives to improve the status quo. 

However, working for LINAK is far more than making world-class products. As a colleague, you are expected to understand customer needs, team up with highly skilled colleagues, be creative and make simple-to-use hi-tech products. These are professional challenges².

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