The company designs and manufactures full actuator systems for smooth and reliable movement in a wide range of applications. LINAK actuators facilitate ergonomic improvements in workplaces as diverse as offices, hospitals, industrial productions, and within farming.

With more than 2,000 dedicated employees, production facilities in Denmark, Slovakia, China, and the USA, and with subsidiaries in more than 35 countries worldwide, LINAK is an international innovator in electric actuator technology.

Four dedicated LINAK segments
To maintain focus and enhance market knowledge in a growing number of business areas, and ultimately give customers the best possible experience, the company now consists of four strategic segments:

TECHLINE® - solutions within industrial automation, agriculture, energy, etc.
DESKLINE® - solutions for offices, stores, kitchens, and various workstations
HOMELINE® - solutions for elevation beds and other comfort furniture applications
MEDLINE® & CARELINE® - solutions for a variety of healthcare and treatment applications

The focus, however, is the same as in 1976 – improving the lives of people across the world.

LINAK is still uncovering the potential for electric linear actuators.

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