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We are responsible in what we do – towards customers, employees, and the environment. No company can work with sustainability without making deliberate choices. We base our decisions on common sense and on step-by-step improvements. This requires us to prioritize our efforts.

The following five areas are especially important to us:

We Improve Your Life

It is a promise reflecting our strong commitment to the well-being of people and to life itself. A commitment that is mirrored in all our company policies.


We take care of each other

Job satisfaction and helpfulness are core values at LINAK. We only obtain these by creating good conditions for our employees. To accomplish this, LINAK focuses on health and safety, and we do not accept discrimination or bullying. When it comes to ergonomics, it is only natural for us to be at the forefront in our own workplace.

  • Working environment policy

We take care of the environment (Environmental sustainability)

We believe that it is possible for a company to run a successful business based on sustainable growth. At LINAK, we focus on reducing our own energy consumption while at the same time manufacturing sustainable solutions based on design and market requirements.


We are locally committed and globally aware

At LINAK, we are proud to be an active part of the lives of local communities. We are locally active in southern Jutland, where we are headquartered, and in the communities in other countries where our offices and factories are located


We set expectations (Social Sustainability)

At LINAK, we have high expectations – of ourselves and of our business partners. We clearly convey our expectations to employees, suppliers, and business partners in our Code of Conduct as well as in our Ethics Handbook. And, we follow up continuously.


Statement of corporate social responsibility in accordance with the Danish Financial Statements Act §99a.



We are responsible in what we do – towards customers, employees, and the environment. Our commitments are reflected in this overview.

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