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Testing 24-7

Trust is important at LINAK. It is essential to us that customers and end users trust us and that they can rely on our products and solutions.

About Linak Testing 24-7

LINAK has established an extensive testing program. Every product type is tested and every single actuator has passed a full function test before it leaves any our factories worldwide.

It requires a proper set-up and approved processes to ensure that quality is of an equally high and uniform standard across the world. However, the outcome makes it worth the extra effort. Line rejection rate on LINAK® actuators is about 150-200 ppm, making our market quality unrivaled.

'LINAK knows how to take action and help us; they do not let go of the application before it has been tested thoroughly. This gives us priceless confidence prior to entering the market with a new product.'
Martin Gam, Managing Director at Rehab-Care.
Arne P. Iversen, Corporate VP, LINAK Quality

'No doubt, our product reliability is quite impressive. We have an incredibly low line rejection rate, and we know that the field rejection rate is equally good. However, we are never complacent. We register every detail in rejections and use this compiled bank of knowledge every time we develop new products. Our extensive testing program is a key part of our continuous quality development.'

Arne P. Iversen, Corporate VP, LINAK Quality

Take a look inside the LINAK® Test Center to see how electric actuators are tested to the extreme for mechanical durability.

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