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Shaped by strong values

Danish "hygge"

LINAK is based on a strong set of values, where trust and honesty go hand in hand with respect for the individual, for the cultures we meet, and for the people we do business with. These values are deeply rooted in the way we do business and how we live our lives.

We call it “The LINAK Spirit”. It is a mindset we bring with us wherever we go. From our production facility in Shenzhen, China to our sales office in Toronto, Canada. You will experience it firsthand with every LINAK employee you meet, no matter where they are from or where you meet them.

Built on Danish culture and tradition.

Søren Stig-Nielsen, President, LINAK US

'I find Americans to be very open-minded and interested in other cultures and in other ways of doing things. When I arrived in the USA some 25 years ago, we introduced the LINAK values to employees and asked them to openly describe the values together and place them in an American context. All employees must own the values. I’m not sure they were used to that in their previous jobs.'

Søren Stig-Nielsen, President, LINAK US
Magnus Conradsen, Vice President, LINAK US

'I have felt the LINAK spirit every day at work – in both China and in the USA. Colleagues proudly display our values, especially around customers or when changes are necessary. I believe it is the reward for accessible, open and honest leadership and a less hierarchical organization. It also induce clearer communication and far better teamwork.'

Magnus Conradsen, Vice President, LINAK US
Echo Liang, Senior Manager Marketing, LINAK China

'Danish culture has a quite high awareness and big influence on Chinese people these days – especially with young people. Both the ‘hygge’ concept and Danish Design are popular. LINAK contains both, and the fact that the company is quite old compared to most Chinese companies, only adds to the aura of experience, knowledge and quality surrounding it. LINAK is perceived as a real innovator here. We always ask ourselves if what each of us does matters and if it truly helps our customers – and Chinese customers notice this!'

Echo Liang, Senior Manager Marketing, LINAK China

Local & Global

From global presence to local understanding. We believe in world-wide support in being close to our customers.

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