LA43 Linear Actuator

LA43 Linear Actuator

The LA43 is available in a powerful 8,000 N version, ensuring safe patient handling.

With the LA43 linear actuator, LINAK offers a product which with its wide range of safety options, low noise level, and outstanding performance is the right choice for medical applications such as patient lifts, beds, dental chairs etc.
  • Heavy-duty electric actuator
  • Max. Thrust: 8,000 N
  • Unique and improved brake to prevent unintended movement
  • High speed at full load
Safety options such as:
  • Manual lowering: makes it possible to turn the inner tube down by hand, in case of emergency, or if electrical power is not available
  • Spline: potential work injuries are prevented by the spline as the actuator can only push and not pull in case something touches, such as the lifting boom on a patient lift
  • High side load capacity for high safety: Side load of up to 1000 N is possible without breaking or damaging the actuator
  • Safety nut: to ensure safe patient handling even when the actuator is no longer new

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linear actuator la43 

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Safe patient handling video:

user manual 

This User Manual will tell you how to install, use and maintain your LINAK electronics. We are sure that your LINAK system will give you many years of problem-free operation.



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