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LINAK® was founded on creative thinking. Creativity goes hand-in-hand with innovation – both when developing new solutions and when finding new applications for existing products.

As long as creative ideas result in added value to our customers, LINAK will pursue them unremittingly.


Bent Jensen, CEO & owner LINAK A/S

An important reason for the continued success of LINAK is that we have succeeded in hiring many skilled employees who make many independent decisions every day, most of which fortunately are good decisions

Bent Jensen, CEO & owner LINAK A/S

Actuators serve surprising purposes
A linear actuator from LINAK can be used almost anywhere that requires linear movement. We love to see how many of our customers use their creativity to implement our actuator solutions in their applications.

Curious to learn more? See some of the applications where an actuator has been used as a smart solution to some unusual challenges. Prepare to be surprised – and inspired!

Read more examples of the multiple uses of LINAK actuators



Bent Jensen developed the first electric linear actuator


LINAK launches first complete actuator system for healthcare applications


LINAK launches first ever complete system for desks


LINAK releases ZeroTM battery technology, reducing standby power from 1.2W to 0.1W


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