LINAK IC technology: Linear actuators with integrated controller
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Step into the future world of movement and enhance your competitive edge

In a fast-moving world, it is crucial to keep up with trends and changes. For companies to be able to survive now and in the future, they need to be competitive. To be competitive is to be cost-effective and ready for the future.

Cost-effective performance
Less downtime, less maintenance, faster setup, smart control and more accuracy mean better use of your application.

Ready for the future
In our terminology, to be ready for the future means having the most convenient, up-to-date and smart features for performing best in regard to control, accuracy and speed.

Competitive edge
Cost-effective performance and innovative technology for your application will help you enhance your competitive edge and Move for the Future.

Part of the solution – actuators with integrated controller
Actuator solutions with integrated controllers (IC) give you a means to keep a competitive edge for your application. Installation and control has never been easier, and the options for customization are many.

IC is the range of integrated control options for TECHLINE® actuators. These options provide overall easy maintenance, control and installation as well as a wide range of customizable settings and feedback that will help tailor the movement solution to your specific needs and application. 

Our range of actuators with IC options
There are already several IC actuators available – and more are coming. Your current options can be divided into the following: 

IC basic – the Plug & Play™ option
This straightforward actuator solution comes preconfigured to meet your exact requirements. We can customize stroke, speed, current limit and feedback of the actuator as well as a number of other details.

IC Basic

IC advanced – the customizable option
If you choose actuators with the IC Advanced option you have easy access to configure and make adjustments to speed, stroke and current limits with a user-friendly configuration tool.

IC Advanced

IC Parallel
This self-configurable option allows for parallel drive of up to 8 actuators. A master actuator with an integrated H-bridge controller controls up to 7 slaves. No control boxes or complicated cabling is needed.


IC BUS – The BUS-communication option
This option gives you unlimited customization and enhanced monitoring - with the added benefit of BUS-communication. We can provide IC actuators with either CAN bus SAE J1939, LIN bus or Modbus RTU RS485 according to your preference.

BUS Communication


Move for the Future – Actuators with Integrated Controller play-icon

Move for the Future - Actuators with Integrated Controller

With IC and BUS communication you can plug & play your way to monitoring your actuators play-icon

With IC and BUS communication you can plug & play your way to monitoring your actuators

How to get Plug & Play™ movement for your industrial application play-icon

How to get Plug & Play™ movement for your industrial application


Move for the future

Learn more about the future world of movement with IC actuators.

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