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LINAK has more than 30 years of experience developing reliable and innovative electric actuator systems for healthcare applications. Together let us ‘Care for Tomorrow Today™.'

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When you choose LINAK as a partner, you build more than 30 years of dedicated application know-how into your solutions.

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Actuator systems for hospital beds
There are more beds in a hospital than doctors and nurses, so if you create a bed that can reduce the number of time-consuming tasks for staff, success is almost guaranteed. LINAK Intelligent Care Solutions™ offer a variety of opportunities for innovative thinking.

Actuators for nursing home beds
Applying LINAK technology, nursing home beds can be equipped with intelligent safety features like Nurse Call and Under-Bed Light or be able to signal if a resident leaves or wets the bed.

Actuator systems for patient lifts
Safety and reliability are in focus when it comes to patient lifts. But in order to maintain a good reputation among nurses and patients you might want to set your standards even higher – and LINAK can help you accomplish just that.

Electric actuators for dental chairs
Electric actuators from LINAK add very versatile adjustment to dental chairs along with the possibility of combining several movements in one smooth operation.

Actuator systems for homecare beds
Homecare equipment suited to make the elderly and disabled less dependent on external help is a growing business. Our intelligent actuators present virtually endless potential for innovative thinking in designing the homecare bed.

Electric actuators for couches/tables
Back pain and disorders are very common health problems among nurses and doctors. This makes improved ergonomics and flexible controlled electric adjustment of treatment and examination couches and tables obvious focus areas – which are LINAK specialties.

Linear actuator systems for treatment chairs
Patients often spend a long time in treatment chairs so why not build more functionality into them than the obvious multiple-positioning function. A reading light or charging facilities for mobile phones are just a few of the opportunities LINAK offers.

Linear actuators for wheelchairs
Reliability and comfort are equally important in wheelchair design. To address this you need strong, small and quiet electric actuators with low energy consumption to perform smooth and accurate adjustments for the user.


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