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Systems for nursing home beds

LINAK actuator system solutions ensure smooth adjustment of height, back and footrests and integrate value-adding features to improve safety and efficiency. Specifications for a LINAK system truly depend on the individual need. Focus can be on load, speed, noise, number of channels (actuators) or number of accessories. LINAK provides flexible systems that meet all market demands – from Basic to Advanced solutions.

Nursing home beds system MEDLINE & CARELINE
Actuator systems for nursing home beds

Take a control box, connect it to one or several well-proven actuators/columns and add an intuitive hand control. Then you have a system. Add intelligence with some value-adding features and you have an advanced system.

For three decades, LINAK has been the innovative frontrunner in the nursing home sector – delivering system solutions that correspond to the needs of our customers.

A common system for homecare beds

Naturally, specifications depend on the individual need. Focus can be on power, speed, noise, number of channels (actuators), or number of accessories. By default, LINAK operates three different setups for nursing home beds: Basic, Medium and Advanced.

To inspire you, here are examples of typical system setups:

Control box: CA40
Actuators: 3x LA40
Control: HB80 (with lock)

Actuators: 3x LA40
Control: ACOM

Control box: CO61
Actuators: 4x LA40
Control: FPP (flexible patient panel)
Features: ACO (Intelligent Attendant Control), UBL (Under-Bed Light), OOB (Out Of Bed detector), WET (wet-bed sensor), and battery backup.

Much more than movement

For years, safety and ergonomics have been of utmost importance in this sector. They still are! Optimization of workflows, saving time for the staff and providing more time for the residents are also key to better welfare. LINAK systems are based on these needs.

CA40 and CO61 have many advantages in this respect. Among other things, they are ‘first-failure safe.' This means unintended movement will never occur and potential short circuits cannot harm or destroy the system. 

All LINAK systems are designed for easy compliance with the EN60601 standard, and are tested and certified in accordance with international medical standards. Finally, LINAK offers solutions that are IPx6-approved and washable. 

The value-adding features are all optional. They help improve safety for nursing home staff and its residents, and aim to increase efficiency and optimize the time staff spend with the residents. 

The bottom line: our high quality standards within our core focus, actuators, control boxes and controls, improve the quality of life for users by improving ergonomics and providing reliable and smooth movement in bed.


MEDLINE & CARELINE product overview

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Focus on healthcare beds

When looking for ways to make people in need of care more independent, the bed is an obvious place to start. LINAK offers the perfect fit in various constructions for healthcare beds.

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