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Actuator systems for healthcare applications

Requests for a higher degree of efficiency in the healthcare sector and ample need for more ergonomic applications in general call for more advanced system solutions. LINAK creates such systems. They consist of a multifunctional control box connected to one or more well-proven actuators/columns, and operated with an intuitive hand or foot control.

Whether you need a high-quality basic system or an advanced system with numerous intelligence-enhancing features, LINAK systems improve functionality in all kinds of clinical or fitness applications, hospitals and healthcare equipment, long-term care applications in private homes as well as applications for residents with disabilities.

Create the system you need
The broad LINAK product portfolio allows you to make exactly the system you need for your application. Almost all our products are cross compatible, making it fairly easy for you to scale up or down. Also a growing number of value-adding features like SDT (Service Data Tool) or OOB (Out Of Bed sensors) are optional.

Rely on certified and durable solutions
All LINAK products for healthcare applications are tested and certified in accordance with international medical standards. They are washable, IPx4/IPx6-approved and compliant with EN10535 requirements. Your application will not only have a longer life – it will also perform flawlessly throughout its lifetime with a minimal need of maintenance.

Have a global partner with extensive experience
For more than 30 years LINAK has developed actuators used in wheelchairs, hospital beds, patient lifts and much more. Our accumulated experience today is used to refine existing products or develop new ones – often in collaboration with manufacturers. With more than 35 subsidiaries around the world, local market intelligence and support are always nearby. 

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