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Great patient lift design is nothing without LINAK

As a Danish company, we have an eye for good design. But design is more than just good looks.

It is about helping you make products that are easy to clean, effortless to read and straightforward to interact with.


A LIFT™ solution from LINAK® adds value to your application

  • Built for agility, giving you the flexibility to rapidly adapt to market changes
  • Gives you brand differentiation in an increasingly competitive market
  • Comes from a globally trusted supplier with in-depth healthcare experience

LINAK turbo boost

Speed is nothing without control

At LINAK, we like to help get things done. Fast. We know how busy you are. That is why we have incorporated a turbo-boost function to make workflows swifter without compromising safety.

With its turbo-boost function, LIFT50™ cuts wasted waiting time to a minimum when moving the lift into position.



Safety means nothing without protection
At LINAK, safety is a way of life and the hygiene of your users and patients is our highest priority. COVID-19 has revealed the weaknesses of a stressed healthcare system. Maintaining hygiene is crucial in reducing the risk of infection. Hospitals and nursing homes are looking for solutions that can help them now and in the future. IPX6 can help them stay ahead of the curve.

To help your customers in our common fight against bacteria, you can now design patient lifts that can survive more aggressive washing conditions.


LINAK wireless solutions

Connectivity means nothing without collaboration

At LINAK, it is in our nature to make connections, so that you can take advantage of tomorrow’s communication opportunities. With optional wireless control, future-ready Bluetooth® data exchange and protective maintenance, you are ready for the next step on your digital journey.



For us, design means nothing without the human touch
LINAK is aware that the form and aesthetics of their products must work together with their customers’ ultimate lift designs. This means that we prioritize adaptability and make our designs friendly with a character that fits in: We do not put logos everywhere, we keep our lines clean and colors neutral, so our fellow designers can easily incorporate our products into their lift concepts.

Design adds value
Good industrial design starts with the end user. As designers, we have a responsibility to create devices that are immediately understandable and easy to use. For the LIFT™ series, LINAK asked users what was most important to them – a modern design with easy functionality and an emergency stop that was obvious but hard to hit by accident. We focused on making these features simple and intuitive.


Designed for carers

Simplicity is nothing without functionality

The LINAK LIFT50™ solution is ergonomically designed with carers in mind, with streamlined looks and practical, easy-to-use interfaces that simply make lives less complicated.

A patient lift is designed to save carers from back injury when lifting or repositioning their patients. However, small repetitive actions can also lead to work-related injury. To minimize awkward unnecessary movements, the LED status lights can be seen from a standing position, and battery replacement is designed to be single-handed – thanks to a lightweight Li-Ion battery.


LINAK SoftCon2™ cuts time to market dramatically

Get on-the-spot programming for your next application. With SoftCon2™, you can create a special solution locally with a LINAK technician, who can fine tune and customize your software in real time – while you see and test the result in your own workshop or lab.

Speed up your development and get precisely what you need. When you finish your online session with LINAK you have something that works: In your hands and ready to apply.

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LINAK customized software SoftCon2


How to pair

Step-by-step guide for how to pair your LIFT40+™ or LIFT50™ system with a LINAK hand control – with the direct pairing mode you can create connection in just a few seconds - just follow the guide.




The LIFT solution

Redesigned from the inside out for simplicity and user-friendliness, functionality has never looked so sleek. With the LIFT product series design is simple, compact and clean looking.






The LIFT™ feature comparison chart


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