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Wood shavings replace 50 percent of the plastic in a hand control

For years we have seen manufacturers get better at recycling materials or waste products. Now we take a step in the right direction with the hand control HC10 ECO.

Hand control HC10 ECO for adjustable beds on a table

Carpets made from old t-shirts, bags made from other bags, cups made of old fishing nets, swimwear made from plastic bottles – the list is long. Especially when we are talking about products made from recycled materials or products made from somebody’s waste. The trend came, saw, developed, and got a life of its own.

We all know that the best way to reduce the amount of waste is to not create it in the first place. However, demand creates supply – and we are not ready to stop demanding. Someday this demand will die down and our reality will look different, but as the world looks today, old habits die hard. One day we may all dramatically diminish our consumption but, in the meantime, we must tweak the existing consumer goods to either not waste as much or use the already wasted products. In the adjustable beds market, we see this trend in bed designs. However, a visible part, such as the control unit – this is missing.


A market in growth with a contestant missing

More and more beds with sustainable profiles are popping up on the market. The mattresses are made sustainably, the frames are PEFC-certified wood, and the fabrics are organic. However, one thing we are yet to see is a hand control that fits this messaging.

Feeling inspired, we have taken a small step in the same direction as many environmental visionaries have taken before us. We looked at one of our hand controls and asked the question: “what could we do to make it greener?” Looking at both the interior and exterior, the exterior became our focus.


Wrap it up in German pine wood

After numerous tests with many different materials – ranging from recycled plastic to bioplastics and bean composite – we ended up with a solid material with the right rustic aesthetics. The final composite that makes up the shell is made from 50 percent plastic and 50 percent wood shavings. The wood shavings are a waste product from German sawmills handling PEFC-certified pine wood – a product which would otherwise be burned or sent to a landfill.

The hand control HC10 ECO in a forest.

The hand control HC10 ECO in a forest.

The wood/plastic composite is not unique in and of itself, but it is most often used for bigger products, such as terrace boards. As Markus Hofmann, the person behind the project, puts it, “… I don’t think it has been used to encapsulate electronic components before. Of course, the reason is that it is challenging to use in that context.” The process was long and filled with testing and revisions to ensure the proper LINAK® quality with the new materials.

The result, however, is one of a kind in the market. Both the story about reducing plastics and using waste products, and the rustic look the composite leaves, work perfectly with the green agenda. To take it further, it even smells like wood when we first unwrap it!

Baby steps are also steps

Giving wood shavings a second chance will hardly end the global environmental issues of our time, but you must start somewhere. We will remain up to date and let ourselves be inspired for our future products.

At least we can now say that the market for hand controls for adjustable beds finally gives manufacturers the choice of using a hand control that better matches the ideology of a green bed.

Please find more information about the hand control HC10 ECO on the product page.


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