MJB Under-Bed Light INT

MJB is a modular junction box for linear actuator systems using OpenBus control boxes. Comes with LED Under-Bed Lighting and IPx6 protection class. Ideal for setups with multiple control units.

MJB Under-Bed Light INT

The Modular Junction Box MJB is designed for use together with OpenBus™ control boxes.

The MJB makes it possible to connect multiple handsets, attendant controls or it is also possible to use the MJB as a control unit for USB chargers, Under Bed Light and other 3rd party products.

MJB with UBL (int.):Switch input (S1/S2), version 505-010 & 505-020: The MJB is an MJB with 3 different options, Under Bed Light (UBL) and 2 different switch inputs, S1 and S2 which can be used for an external switch.

The MJB with Under Bed light (UBL) gives a guiding light when the patient leaves the bed and makes it easy for the patient to find their way back to the bed at night without disturbing the other patients. 

The MJB has an LED integrated in the MJB housing which makes it easy to use. 

External Switch (S1/S2):
It is possible for the customer to connect a switch directly to the MJB. This could be used with a customized switch or control.

OOBD (S2):
The Out of Bed Detection option is used when a notification is needed when the patient leaves the bed. The OOBD is used in combination with a 3rd-party product.

MJB Under Bed Light (INT) data sheet

View the data sheet as an online magazine or download the PDF.

MJB Under Bed Light (Int.) and Out Of Bed Detection User Manual

This user manual tells you how to install, use and maintain your LINAK electronics.

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