LINcast U.S. Episode 9 - The Future of Electric and Autonomous Vehicles

Pierre-Luc Lapointe, Project Manager of the Mechanical Division for Innovative Vehicle Institute, joins LINcast host Gabe Duverge and Aris Khechen, Account Manager for LINAK Canada. The group recorded live at the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo 2019, discussing trends at the show and the future of electric and autonomous vehicles.

LINcast U.S. Episode 8 - The Battle for Office Design Functionality vs Aesthetics

LINcast host Gabe Duverge is joined by Ramsey Madsen of MTRL live from NeoCon 2019. The pair discussed the present challenge of balancing aesthetics with functionality in office design and how Madsen strives to do so in his work for some of the world's biggest brands.

LINcast U.S. Episode 7: Agricultural Innovation at the agBOT Challenge

LINAK recently attended the 4th annual agBOT competition, hosted by Gerrish Farms and Purdue University. LINcast host Gabe Duverge interviewed several people at the event including the event organizers, students and attendees. The episode features information about the agBOT challenge and why the event is important for agricultural innovation.

LINcast U.S. Episode 6: How Danish Design Took Over the World

LINcast host Gabe Duverge is joined by Tine Mouritsen of Tine Mouritsen ApS Design Studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The pair discuss the global influence of Danish and Scandinavian design and how it affects the modern workplace.

LINcast U.S. Episode 5: Importance of Safety & Automation in Grain Handling

Cheryl Lansink, Director of Sales for Comco Controls,joins LINcast host Gabe Duverge and Randy Bowman, Senior Sales Manager for LINAK U.S. The group recorded live at GEAPS 2019, discussing trends at the show and in the grain handling industry such as automation and safety.

LINcast U.S. Episode 4: Trends in Outdoor Power Equipment

Shaun Johnson, Engineering Manager at ELI Holdings Inc of Louisville, joins LINcast host Gabe Duverge and Dave Moorman, Sales Manager for LINAK U.S. The group recorded live at GIE 2018, discussing trends at the show and in outdoor power equipment such as electrification and ergonomics.


LINcast U.S. Episode 3: Preventing Injuries in Rugged Industries

TECHLINE Sales Manager Dave Moorman joins LINcast Gabe Duverge for the latest episode of the LINcast. With the median age of farmers, construction works and other operators of heavy equipment increasing significantly, the two explored how linear movement can improve safety, increase productivity and reduce injuries. 


LINcast U.S. Episode 2: The Real Challenge with Sit-Stand Desks

LINcast host Gabe Duverge is joined by Michael Cook, Director of the DESKLINE division for LINAK U.S.. The two discussed a common issue facing workplaces with sit-stand desks and how LINAK is working to solve it.


LINcast U.S. Episode 1: Trends in Office Furniture Design

LINcast host Gabe Duverge is joined by Nick Gillissie, Head of Nick Gillissie Industrial Design, and Jordan Scott, LINAK Canada Country Manager. The trio recorded live from NeoCon 2018, discussing the trends they've noticed in the office furniture industry so far this year.

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