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News July 1, 2024

NeoCon 2024 Takeaways: Key trends in design innovation

Another great NeoCon has come and gone! This year’s show highlighted three pivotal trends shaping the future of commercial office design: the importance of community and collaboration, inclusive innovation and well-being, and the pervasive topic of sustainability. As attendees walked around the MART and Design Days at Fulton Market, these trends were consistently exemplified by the cutting-edge products and unique solutions that companies, featured in their showrooms, underscoring the industry’s increased focus on these evolving topics.

NeoCon showroom at the MART in Chicago, IL.

Community and Collaboration

This year, NeoCon showcased flexible workspaces designed to foster teamwork and adaptability. Height-adjustable and adaptable furniture plays a crucial role in this, allowing spaces to be quickly reconfigured for different group activities, meetings, and more. Such versatility promotes the opportunity for spontaneous interactions and dynamic engagement.

LINAK® products were featured prominently in showrooms throughout the MART and Fulton Market as height-adjustable systems enable furniture to move effortlessly in supporting various work modes and enhanced collaborative environments. One application that embodied this capability and caught the eye of attendees in the LINAK showroom was a LINAK enhanced electric monitor lift from Salamander Designs. Providing smooth and adjustable monitor positioning, this innovation supports seamless transitions between collaborative meetings and focused individual work, enhancing the flexibility and utility of modern workspaces.

NeoCon showroom at the MART in Chicago, IL. Two desks with LINAK desk frames.


Inclusive Innovation and Well-being

Inclusivity and well-being took center stage this year. We see this trend in other industries where this cultural shift has already influenced a push for change, like in fashion, where you see more inclusive sizing a better understanding of body diversity. Now more than ever you can see that the one-size-fits-all approach to the workplace is on its way out. This shift ensures that workspaces are accessible and comfortable for all users, regardless of their physical stature or needs. Height-adjustable desks, chairs, and workstations were prominently featured in showrooms, promoting ergonomic benefits and enhancing productivity.

Many ergonomics experts stand by the saying your best position you can be in ergonomically, is your next one. That is what makes bringing movement and flexibility into the workplace so important. LINAK solutions promote a healthier work environment by allowing users to alternate between sitting and standing positions, reducing the risks of prolonged sedentary behavior. A great example of this in the LINAK showroom was the height-adjustable coffee table. This innovative piece of furniture, featuring LINAK technology, allows users to independently adjust the tables height to their comfort level ensuring that the table caters to the needs of different individuals simultaneously, fostering a more inclusive and user-friendly environment.

NeoCon showroom at the MART in Chicago, IL. A couch with LINAK products.



Sustainability was a dominant theme, reflecting the industry's growing commitment to reducing its environmental impact. Exhibitors highlighted eco-friendly materials and circular design principles, showcasing products made from recycled or renewable resources. The shift towards sustainability is no longer a niche but a mainstream approach embraced by leading companies.

A fun and unique way to bring both innovation and biophilic design into the LINAK showroom was the moss QR code, scanned and photographed by many, which led to a webpage dedicated to our commitment to sustainability. Thinking sustainable has always been a part of our decision making. A great example of this is in the high level of compatibility with LINAK products. A lifting column from 1998 for a desk can also be operated with a current control system. Making products adaptable and future-proof reduces the potential impact of having to replace multiple products over time.

NeoCon showroom at the MART in Chicago, IL. A desk with LINAK desk frames.

Working QR code. Try and scan me!


Overall, NeoCon 2024 highlighted the industry's commitment to enhancing human interaction, supporting diverse needs, and prioritizing sustainability. LINAK is proud to be part of an industry that is shaping these trends, and we will continue to support our customers in creating more innovative, inclusive, and environmentally responsible workplaces.

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