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News July 17, 2023

LINAK Captivates Attendees at NeoCon 2023

Showcasing the new DPI Desk Panel series, Unique Furniture Applications, and DL PLUS High-Speed Lifting Columns

LINAK® left a lasting impression at NeoCon 2023 by introducing the revolutionary DPI desk panel and showcasing unique office furniture applications that are redefining the workplace experience. Featuring cutting-edge customer solutions, including an adjustable couch and wall bench, LINAK is proud to power designs that create inviting office environments that make employees eager to return to the office.

The debut of the DPI desk panel garnered immense praise for the integration of anti-collision technology into the panel, eliminating the need for an external sensor. The desk panel empowers individuals to effortlessly adjust their desks to their desired height and working positions, enabling increased productivity and overall well-being. Its sleek design, combined with intuitive controls, showcases the dedication LINAK has to user-centric innovation and their relentless pursuit of excellence in the field of ergonomics.

Beyond the DPI desk panel, LINAK featured two unique furniture applications that foster a welcoming and inspiring workspace. One of the highlights was the adjustable privacy couch, a versatile seating solution that allows users to effortlessly change its configuration to meet their individual needs. The adjustable couch promotes collaboration, relaxation, and well-being, encouraging a dynamic and adaptable work culture.

LINAK Captivates Attendees at NeoCon 2023

LINAK Captivates Attendees at NeoCon 2023


The second featured application was a space saving seating alternative; an innovative wall bench. The wall bench maximizes floor space while providing a flexible seating option for users. This creative solution is perfect for open offices, co-working spaces, and collaborative areas where flexibility and adaptability are crucial. The wall bench and adjustable couch are fruits of Design Meets Movement, an entity formed by LINAK that involves some of the most creative and innovative designers and architects from across the world. Design Meets Movement aims to inspire and allow fresh ideas to lay the foundation for the next generation of innovative furniture designs.

LINAK also featured their DL PLUS high-speed lifting columns at the event, emphasizing their industry-leading capabilities. With lightning-fast speed and precision breaking technology, the DL PLUS columns enable swift height adjustments for sit-stand desks, ergonomic workstations, and other height-adjustable applications. The DL PLUS series reinforces the commitment LINAK has to delivering exceptional performance and reliability to their customers.

Learn more about DPI, DL PLUS high-speed lifting columns or Design Meets Movement.


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