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News January 24, 2020

Add more capacity to your mobile healthcare equipment

The new LINAK® Port Junction Box PJB4 allows you to apply up to three powerful Li-Ion batteries BA21 (3x 2.25 Ah) to the actuator system of your medical application.

Add more capacity to your mobile healthcare equipment

To avoid exposed cables on the floor, more and more hospitals are changing to battery-powered applications, such as operating tables and surgery chairs. This reduces the risk of tripping hazards and increases the application's mobility. To ensure full functionality and enable a sufficient battery capacity set-up, LINAK® now introduces the new port junction box. The PJB4.

Have plenty of power in your mobile equipment
The PJB4 allows you to add more battery power to the application, for example, three powerful Li-Ion batteries BA21. Having 3x 2.25 Ah of power at your disposal will be sufficient to use the application an entire day and only charge at night.

Fits your existing actuator set-up
We have made sure the PJB4 blends in effortlessly with your existing LINAK® adjustment system. Not only does it follow the smooth LINAK design line, it also uses the exact same mounting brackets. Cable management is equally intuitive and easy to set up.

In compliance with standards and certifications
The PJB4 comes with all necessary certifications and is in full compliance with required standards – to some extent even exceeding these. As many actuator systems for modern advanced medical equipment meet the standard IPX6 Washable DURA™, we have of course made sure that this junction box lives up to the same standard.

If you need more information about the many options available using PJB4 or other LINAK® products, please contact your local LINAK office


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