News January 8, 2019

ACT activates multiple features in advanced hospital beds

The LINAK® touch screen control unit, ACT, creates the near perfect interface to control multiple valuable functions and features used in advanced hospital beds

Operating multiple functions in modern hospital beds with only one control unit just got easier. Including far more than just adjustment of the backrest or leg support, the touch screen control unit, ACT (Attendant Control Touch), offers full three-level access – ranging from simple bed control, advanced bed control, and intelligent features to service mode for settings. 

The intelligent features include integrated patient weighing, Out Of Bed (OOB) detection with automatic light control, WET detection (WET), as well as Bed Side Rail (BSR) detection. When connected to the correct modular junction box, you can control your multi-functional hospital bed with a touch of the screen.

Integrate a precise weighing solution
The LINAK® weighing unit, QLCI2, not only offers precise weight (+/- 100 g) of the bedbound patient. It also provides Out Of Bed (OOB) detection. Installation has been made easy with this new and very user-friendly calibration tool as well as micro fit plugs that have been attached to the load cell cables by the manufacturer.

Intelligent features come with the modular junction box
The Modular Junction Box MJB8 is the true intelligence, connecting all the features that add value to your hospital bed. The MJB8 receives signals from features such as OOB, WET, BSR, light controls, relay gateways. These are all made accessible via the ACT interface.

All-in-one and easy to mount
With the new solution set up using the ACT, the MJB8 and the QLCI2, you have actuator movement control combined with features for patient weighing, Out Of Bed detection, Bed Side Rails (BSR) and WET detection – all in one solution. 

In addition, LINAK® actuator systems for medical equipment are generally easy to mount, following the OpenBus™ platform design, in which everything fits together and offers simple assembly. 
If you want to know how the updated ACT, the MJB8 and/or the QLCI2 can improve your hospital bed application, please contact your local LINAK office.  


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