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News July 4, 2018

Wastewater treatment made simpler with durable LINAK solutions

At the second largest public wastewater treatment plant in Denmark, LINAK actuators have been implemented for valve automation to achieve more uptime and ease day-to-day operation

Kasper K. Frederiksen, Operations Manager at Fredericia Spildevand og Energi A/S

More people and higher consumption increase the pressure on wastewater treatment plants all over the world. To meet this challenge, plants try to automate processes and increase the level of efficiency altogether.

Handling 2.64bn gallons of wastewater requires a truly reliable treatment facility with an uptime of close to 100%. In the Danish city of Fredericia, the introduction of LINAK actuators made significant improvements in the local plant with respect to service and operating costs as well as general availability.

Electric actuators are easier to install and maintain
Being able to service and operate a complex system for wastewater handling and treatment in-house makes a tremendous difference for day-to-day management. It is much faster and it helps minimize costly downtime.

“We tested the new solution from LINAK in different locations at the treatment plant, and we definitely see improved flexibility as we are now able to provide all the service ourselves,” says Kasper K. Frederiksen, Operations Manager at Fredericia Spildevand og Energi A/S.

He has been part of a project where a number of LA36 actuators from LINAK were installed on top of existing valves in several places in the plant.

 “It was surprisingly easy to set up and run the new actuators. After the first two, where we had to learn how, it went like clockwork. I think the last one we installed was up and running in approximately 15 minutes.”

Read the whole story about Fredericia Spildevand og Energi A/S and their experience with using LINAK actuators for valve automation, or dive into how LINAK actuator solutions for valves can maximize uptime and improve day-to-day operations in wastewater treatment plants.

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