News November 7, 2017

The reminder function tells you when to change posture at your work desk

Get the most out of your height-adjustable desk: DPG Desk Panel by LINAK include intuitive reminder functions that combine software and human intuition.

Based on modern behavioral science, we designed our DPG desk panel series to motivate users to use their height-adjustable desks more. By appealing to the human instinct to seek easy rewards, the advanced series of our DPG desk panels makes use of colors to naturally indicate when it is time to stand.

Integrated colored LED Reminder function 
The intuitive reminder function is integrated in three of our four DPG desk panel models. The reminder function consists of either an LED light strip or a simple LED diode that indicates the current desk usage status. It changes color when it is time for the user to change posture – from sitting to standing. The idea behind the integration of colored lights is to offer desk users an easily understandable tool that motivates them to develop healthy standing habits.

The reminder function tells you when to change posture at your work desk

When the green light turns orange, it is time to move
Appealing to our intuitive human color association, DPG desk panel with Reminders use green and orange colors: a soft green light indicates when the user does not need to move. When the “sit interval” is about to end, this green light will change to a more pulsating orange tone – a color which intuitively signals for us to pay attention. 
To make sure that the Reminder function suits the individual demands of its user, desk users can either use the pre-configured intervals or set up their own intervals.

Combine your DPG reminder with the LINAK Desk Control™ App 
The advanced desk panel DPG models (DPG1C, DPG1B and DPG1M) are compatible with the LINAK Desk Control App for your mobile device as they feature Bluetooth® wireless technology. You will then not only be reminded to move by your DPG, but you will also receive a notification and a reminder alert on your mobile device.
DPG desk panel give office desk users a truly great work set for developing healthy working habits. This is what we call designed to shape behavior.

The reminder function tells you when to change posture at your work desk

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