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News July 14, 2017

New Service Data Tool eases fault finding in adjustable healthcare applications

To support the recently launched control box CO61 and the battery BA21 for adjustable applications in healthcare, LINAK has developed a new and improved Service Data Tool (SDT).

New Service Data Tool eases fault finding in adjustable healthcare applications

Dependence on adjustable applications and demand for a high level of efficiency are growing steadily in the healthcare sector around the world. Downtime caused by faulty applications can be quite costly. However, a reliable Service Data Tool can keep this to a minimum.

The recent release of LINAK® CO-Link™ enables manufacturers of healthcare applications, such as tables and chairs for surgery and examination, to create an actuator system with up to eight movements. The new Service Data Tool (SDT) supports such multi-channel actuator systems using a CO-Link solution.

Obtain far more detailed service data
Detailed information about battery condition and charge status can be invaluable. The same goes for information about the status of the actuators in the system.

With the SDT, it is possible not only to obtain the required information from batteries and actuators – it is also possible to locate strains that eventually can lead to faults or breakdowns if not addressed. With a user-friendly interface, it is easy to look through the service report, find potential faults, and even add information manually for later service visits.

Easy troubleshooting and storage of service documentation
Troubleshooting is easy – even with a CO-Link system with two control boxes. This SDT includes a troubleshooting section with error indication and a log file function allowing you to request further technical support. This SDT also allows you to save data from all parts of your system. This means that you keep the service data even if the control box or an actuator is replaced, thus maintaining reliable status reports throughout the application’s lifetime. 

After the service visit, the SDT allows service technicians to fully document the visit and even add comments about the work done for future service visits.

In other words, start using the Service Data Tool to help ensure application functionality at all times.

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