News March 31, 2017

Ready to take on the healthcare challenges of tomorrow?

Across the world, the number of people in need of care is growing. At the same time, there are fewer hands to do the caring.

The need to create efficient workflows for carers and to develop intelligent solutions to increase comfort and safety for people in care are becoming urgent. We believe meeting this challenge will require a completely new mindset among developers of applications and technology in the entire medical and care sector.

Care For Tomorrow Today™ has become the applied mindset for everything we do at LINAK.

We believe it is crucial to think ahead, because that is the only way we can provide the world with advanced ergonomic solutions and truly make a valuable difference. We see challenges in three main areas:

  • Demographics – more elderly who require care and fewer caring hands
  • Health – a rise in the chronically ill and people struggling with obesity 
  • Technology – intelligent care solutions are an important part of future healthcare

LINAK provides Intelligent Care Solutions™ and encourages you to apply your artisanship to take essential applications, such as hospital beds, nursing home beds, wheelchairs, patient lifts and examination tables, to the next level. 


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