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News October 12, 2016

Move the office outdoors - see how at this year's ORGATEC fair

Today the office can be anywhere. In the train, at home, at a café, or even outdoors in nature. Come see us at the upcoming ORGATEC fair and experience a selection of inspiring adjustable furniture – all in outdoor settings.

Move the office outdoors - see how at this year's ORGATEC fair
New Ways of Working - perhaps you have heard about it? The trend moves towards more innovative and flexible solutions for changeable workplaces. Today, the office can be anywhere and you can work from anywhere you like – even outdoors. Recent research actually focuses on the positive effects of working outdoors in nature. It turns out there is a clear link between green environments and the creative brain.

Meet us at ORGATEC and see how we interpret the theme of working outdoors. Imagine working in a greenhouse or laying in the sun under an umbrella checking emails. All this will be possible at this year’s ORGATEC fair.

Find us under the name Design Meets Movement. We will be located in the passageway between halls 10 and 11.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

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