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News July 20, 2016

Bluetooth adapter for Comfort Beds

Based on the latest Bluetooth technology, compact in size, and easy to mount and pair. These are just some of the advantages you will experience when connecting the new LINAK Bluetooth Adapter Bed to either the control box CBH Advanced or the actuator TWINDRIVE TD3.

Bluetooth adapter for comfort beds

With the launch of the Bluetooth® Adapter Bed for Comfort Beds, LINAK® has integrated the latest generation of Bluetooth communication allowing you to connect the most recent mobile devices on the market to your comfort bed.

The adapter is based on Bluetooth Low Energy Technology (Version 4.0+ of the Bluetooth specification).

The Bluetooth Adapter Bed allows you to adjust your comfort bed wirelessly via an app. Simply plug in the Bluetooth Adapter Bed into your CBH Advanced control box or the TWINDRIVE® TD3 motor unit and download the Bed Control Memory App, pair it to your system, and you are set to adjust your bed via your smartphone or tablet. 

Compact and easy to plug in
The Bluetooth Adapter Bed is a small and compact unit. This means it will not take up any unnecessary space underneath the bed. No mounting is needed – it is easily plugged into the CBH Advanced control box or the TWINDRIVE TD3 motor unit without use of cables.

Previously this was the case with the existing Bluetooth2Lin Box. With the new adapter, the old solution will be phased out, as it is no longer competitive in the market.

Finally, pairing the Bluetooth Adapter Bed with a phone or a tablet is done intuitively. The adapter starts to blink (blue) when plugged in, signalling that it is in pairing mode - ready to be connected with a smartphone or a tablet. 

Use your phone or your tablet to adjust the bed
Download the Bed Control Memory App and use your phone or tablet to adjust your LINAK based comfort bed.

The app features the same functions as a regular hand control such as four memory positions, but it allows you to adjust your bed via your tablet or your smartphone.

The Bed Control Memory App is available for iOS and Android devices. It can be downloaded in App Store and Google Play - free of charge.

Download the Bed Control Memory App for iOS.

Download the Bed Control Memory App for Android.

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