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News April 11, 2016

Add health to your brand with LINAK Desk Control

A small piece of software connecting office desks to your personal computer can help associate your corporate brand with a healthy lifestyle. Spanish office desk manufacturer, Forma 5, added their company logo to their license of LINAK Desk Control, and noticed a new awareness evolve around their brand.

Add health to your brand with LINAK Desk Control

Forma 5, a visionary Spanish manufacturer of office furniture, wanted customers to embrace and really use the height adjustable desks they were selling.

The company added LINAK Desk Control to their height adjustable desks and noticed a general increase in the use of the health promoting adjustability. What is more striking – Forma 5 also noticed an increase in brand awareness among customers in more than 40 countries. The reason for this lies in more than a superior product.

We chose the customised version of the Desk Control software for our desks. So every time the little stand-sit reminder pops up, the employee sees the Forma5 logo,” says Rubén Fernández, Export Director for Forma 5. 

Support your brand
Popping up a handful of times every day on each desk, the Forma 5 logo is literally shown thousands of times to hundreds of employees each day. This naturally helps connect the Forma 5 name to the table, and to the health promoting function following the desk. 

Having Desk Control in a customised version is a clear differentiator for us. We wanted to sell more than just a piece of furniture, and this has certainly helped us pursue a more pro-active role in promoting ergonomics and other health aspects,” Fernández explains. 

Be part of the strategy
Forma 5 is an international company operating in more than 40 countries. With an export rate above 50 percent, the company enjoys brand exposure almost worldwide. Rubén Fernández feels sure the customised LINAK Desk Control software will add even more brand value to the Spanish manufacturer. 

It is a great possibility for us to have our brand on desks around the globe. It surely increases awareness.”
However, for Forma 5 including Desk Control is more than a casual marketing campaign. According to Fernández it plays a part in the overall company strategy.

Visual quality, aesthetics, solid industrial design and of course high-quality raw materials are absolute keywords for Forma 5 products. But so are innovative technology, environment and ergonomics. It really is the core our company. This is why LINAK Desk Control plays right into our strategy,” he says.

Take responsibility for ergonomics
The Desk Control software works as a reminder to increase the usage of the height adjustable table. It is built upon research documenting the health benefits of changing postures during a normal working day. It not only helps circulation, it also prevents back pain and more severe spinal degradation. 

We take ergonomics seriously. We believe our desk with Desk Control can help limit the costly sick days for our customers,” says Rubén Fernández and continues: “I know it works! I have tried to work at a normal desk, at a height adjustable desk without Desk Control and finally one with Desk Control. I am convinced I will never go back to the first two desks.”

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