News November 5, 2018

Introducing a hand control HC05 with black rubber surface

LINAK expands its range of hand controls for comfort furniture with a new version of the popular hand control HC05. In addition to the glossy white surface familiar to many customers, a new black rubber surface is now an alternative option.

Originally developed for the dual actuator TD4 Standard, the small and light-weight hand control HC05 has become a popular choice for various types of adjustable comfort beds. So far, it has been available with a glossy white surface. However, a new option is available including a new color and a new surface. This serves to help broaden the number of design options for you.

The new edition comes with a black rubber surface. Not only does the dark color add an exclusive look, but the darker color also helps make the button icons stand out. The rubber gives the HC05 a slightly rougher surface, contributing to a better grip for the hand control.

The familiar glossy white coating on the HC05 is still a standard color. With the black rubber counterpart there are now two options. 

The small Bluetooth® control for basic systems
The HC05 works with several different systems. Whether you choose to design a bed using a dual actuator system TD4, or you prefer a single actuator system revolving around a control box CBH Advanced with a Bluetooth® Adapter, the HC05 can be the perfect wireless control unit. 

It comes with long-life batteries and is extremely easy to connect via Bluetooth® pairing, which allows control of the back or leg rest as well as simultaneous drive. The HC05 also comes with a button for the Under Bed Light function – creating subtle lighting to find your way at night.

Get more information about the HC05 wireless hand control
If you want to know more about the LINAK® hand control HC05, TD4 dual actuator systems, or any other LINAK features for comfort furniture, please do not hesitate to contact your local LINAK office.

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