News April 30, 2018

The Software Development Kit enables you to tailor your own desk app

A brand new LINAK Software Development Kit (SDK) aims to make it easier for office desk manufacturers to design their own app with unique features.

LINAK has introduced a Software Development Kit (SDK), enabling, for example, manufacturers of office desks to design an app experience aligned with LINAK products. The SDK has been designed and tested to ensure high LINAK quality standards in digital features.

Customizing Desk Control™ Apps for smartphones is already possible within the LINAK Desk Control™ series. Now you can go further! The SDK allows you to develop your own app, add extra features to the Desk Control™ solutions, alter functions and much more. All you need is a good idea – LINAK delivers the base.

Deliver tailor-made apps for your desks
Using smartphone apps has become part of everyday life for many people worldwide. LINAK has years of experience in developing apps and working with Bluetooth® wireless technology for office desk solutions.

SDK takes an extra step up. It helps you get started with app development and ensures best practice and communication with the various LINAK adapters and Desk Panels using Bluetooth® technology.

Based on the LINAK SDK, you now have the option to build your own tailored experience for your customers.

The Software Development Kit enables you to tailor your own desk app

LINAK helps you jump start your unique app
The LINAK Software Development Kit is a software package including an installation file, with a command library to communicate with LINAK desk products. It also comes with a documentation package with a user guide and a reference library.

We have made it easy for you to stand out, and of course the LINAK Software Development Kit is compatible with both Apple iOS and Google Android. 

Explore LINAK digital solutions for desks
Whether you choose the Software Development Kit for building your unique app or if you choose the standard or customized LINAK Desk Control App, LINAK has the solution for you. Watch the video to learn about our three digital solutions.  

If you want to know more about the various digital products from LINAK, including the SDK, or if you wish to run an idea by us, please reach out to your local LINAK office.

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