News June 1, 2017

User journey in focus as LINAK launches new website

Working closely with customers has been part of the LINAK DNA for many years. This also applies to the relaunch of – the company’s corporate website. Usability and easier online access to the world of actuator technology has been a prime area of focus

After extensive analyses, workshops, and usability tests with customers and other stakeholders, a new and different LINAK web presence has appeared. Profound focus on the customer journey has been the key driver throughout the process, and at least three things will strike online guests visiting our digital universe as new and/or improved:

  • Introduction of the term ‘Business Areas’
  • Improved search engine/function
  • Updated responsive design

Users familiar with the LINAK online universe will notice that the company's visual appearance also changed. This too supports the improved usability of the website. All in all, we hope customers will find LINAK and our products much easier to find and access online.

‘Business areas’ – a new level of navigation
Electric linear actuator systems and solutions are used in a number of very versatile applications – from office desks to hospital beds, combine harvesters, or industrial machinery. To make it easier to navigate the site and find the many applications, a set of self-explanatory Business Areas have been introduced.

Get better search results
The new and refurbished website also features an improved search function. Not only does the search engine suggest possible results as you are writing, it also categorizes hits for you to get a clearer picture of the multiple search results.

Responsive design for a responsive company
As more users access websites via mobile devices, of course adjusts for optimal viewing via the most common platforms. This means LINAK online content is equally accessible on your tablet or phone, as well as on your desktop computer.

During 2017, the new online presence (architecture and visual design) will be rolled out across the LINAK world – starting with If you have questions or comments about this, do not hesitate to contact us.

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