News April 12, 2017

BA19 and BA21 batteries give you more options

With the introduction of the BA19 battery, LINAK accommodates a request from customers, providing a cost-efficient battery backup solution for the control box platform.

Not all hospital and medical care applications using LINAK actuators need the muscle of the BA21 Li-Ion battery. That is why LINAK developed the ‘sister’-battery BA19 – a reliable and cost-efficient alternative. 

Both batteries are designed for the LINAK Control Box platform (CB), revolving around the CA30, CA40 and CO61 control boxes. The CB platform is the core of the ‘one world – one box’ LINAK philosophy, making it far easier for you as a customer to create multiple applications or application setups using only one type of box.  

The BA19 and the BA21 fit right into this concept. They are both efficient backup power sources and they share the same ultra-simple bracket solution, making them easy to fit the way you want. 

Both batteries provide charging status information to the control box. They both have a built-in charger making sure they recharge when connected to the grid, and they support the CB platform’s smart cable management. 

What is the difference then?
The BA19 is a lead acid battery. The technology is tried and tested and comes in a smooth and easy-to-clean design. The BA21 is a lithium ion-based battery. It is exceptionally durable and more powerful. It has a long lifetime, and is very lightweight – only 0.7 kg – making it ideal for applications required to operate off the grid for long periods, or for actuators delivering faster or more powerful push.

The BA19 and the BA21 broaden the number of options, and aim to offer an off-grid power solution for multiple needs. 
If you want to know more about the BA19/BA21 or how your application can benefit from these, feel free to contact LINAK

The LINAK Control Box platform is part of the LINAK “Care for Tomorrow TodayTM  mindset.

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