News October 17, 2016

More systems to choose from

The SMPS T-160 is now compatible with three additional actuators.

You now have more to choose from when considering a system solution from LINAK. With our extended system solutions program, we are now ready to provide you with plug and play systems involving as much as seven different actuators.

The SMPS T-160 is now compatible with three additional actuators: the LA12 IC, LA23 IC and LA35 IC. This not only allows you a wider range of system possibilities, but you also get all the same efficient control features as with our existing system solutions. 

The three new SMPS-T160 system solutions give you:

  • Easy and fast installation
  • Connect two LA12 or two LA23 actuators to one SMPS (simultaneous run)
  • Control the three actuators via a Bluetooth app, remote control (RF) or an alternative control when connected to the SMPS-T160

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