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Working Environment Policy

The Working Environment within LINAK U.S. Inc. is vital to the success of the company. LINAK U.S. Inc.’s desire is to foster a safe, professional and effective work environment that helps employees fulfill their potential.

Safety is the top priority of every person on site. LINAK U.S. Inc. has committed significant resources to the safety of all people on site via our Safety Committee’s work and focus on companywide safety training. Safety is a continual program at LINAK U.S. Inc. in which the success relies significantly on the awareness and participation of all on site.

LINAK U.S. Inc. subscribes to the corporate approved LINAK Values. The LINAK Values define & declare LINAK’s commitment to: our mission, vision and values as well as leadership values and behavior. These values create a foundation and expectation of: respect for all, customer awareness and team work to achieve goals.

While each individual is responsible for their own health, LINAK U.S. Inc. provides support for these efforts through various company sponsored health initiatives.

It is LINAK U.S. Inc.’s intention that all individuals on site collaborate together to work towards an acceptable work environment.