Wastewater treatment handled with Actuator Solutions

As fresh water reserves are dwindling, there is increased focus on our environmental impact. Ambitious initiatives follow technological development, as management, treatment and recycling of wastewater becomes a hot topic in the public domain. With electric linear actuators comes:

-Simple installation with no hoses, compressors or pumps
-Sturdy and maintenance-free systems with low energy consumption
-High level control solutions with advanced monitor and feedback options

To handle water responsively today requires creative and often innovative solutions where focus is both on wastewater and excess water occurring as a result of climate change. Treatment of wastewater gets still more advanced, and mechanical and biological filtering becomes standard. At the same time increase in regional downpour threatens to disturb the critical filter processes in the wastewater plant.

Monitor and get feedback from actuators

Excess water bassins are part of the solution to manage periodical water pressure. With intelligent actuator systems you not only get feedback from the circuit, you also have the option of opening or closing valves from the office – guiding water through to the bassins and creating a stepless flow.

Obviously working with water all equipment needs to be suited for outdoor, moist, damp or even wet conditions. Electric linear actuators are closed units without hoses, pipes or pumps attached. The absense of fuilds and gasses allows a performance span running from severe frost to stifling heat, and it means no requirements for maintenance.

Electric linear actuator solutions are easy to install with few components. You get a ‘all-in-on-package’ and a reliable system safe for your employees to work with. Combined this makes it a cost-efficient solution compatible with other systems allowing you to keep focus on the environment.
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