Linear Actuator Solutions For Textile Machines

Textile Machines


- Focus on accuracy and cost-efficiency

Accurate and cost-effective performance is very essential in textile machines in order for them to be competitive in an industry that generally competes on price.

Besides being able to perform effectively and with extreme accuracy, the basic production of the textile machines also needs to be as effective, simple and cost-effective as possible with simple systems that are easy to install and integrate into control systems.

TECHLINE® actuator systems provide high-quality, maintenance-free electric linear movement for textile machines and they are very easy to install and integrate into control systems.

The easy integration combined with simple operation, electronic positioning with hall potentiometer and maintenance-free performance means short installation time as well as a generally cost-effective and reliable performance.

This ultimately results in faster textile machine production as well as more simple, cost-effective and reliable performance for the finished machine with less downtime, reduced maintenance costs and higher flexibility.

This combined with reduced energy consumption compared to, for example, pneumatic solutions make actuator solutions a green and cost-effective alternative to pneumatics in textile machines.

In the typical textile machine, actuators can provide a number of functions such as:
  • Raising and lowering the cradle to easily place a new textile roll
  • Adjustment of the cradle sideways to ensure that the textile will be precisely stacked to decrease the amount of wasted cloth

The range of flexible actuator systems from TECHLINE is wide and they all present an excellent price performance ratio because of easy mounting, no maintenance and a long lifetime.

Please contact LINAK TECHLINE for specifications and even more actuator solutions for textile machines or other industrial automation applications.

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