Linear Actuator Solutions for Grain Handling

grain handling

linear Actuator solutions for grain handling

Grain is an important raw material. Among other things, it is grain that gives us bread on the table and feed for our animals.

Grain prices are rising and it is important that every single grain harvested is put to use. Nothing must go to waste in the grain handling process.

Extreme accuracy is required to handle grain just right and avoid spillage. With electric linear actuators from LINAK, that are easy to install and control, precision comes all by itself.

The grain handling becomes much more efficient and spill is brought down to an absolute minimum.

TECHLINE electric linear actuators are known for easy integration with control systems and for many years of maintenance free service, even in extreme environments.

Almost anything can be automated and easily controlled with TECHLINE electric actuators.

  • Adjusting the auger spout according to wind conditions- gives the right angle to make sure the grain ends up in the wagon and not on the ground
  • Automatic hatch-opening – makes emptying the grain wagon easy
  • Dosage valve that opens and closes – the grain can be sucked into the silo by means of a vacuum created by the linear actuator when opening and closing the valve.

The range of flexible linear actuator solutions from TECHLINE is wide and they all present excellent price performance ratio because of easy mounting, no maintenance and long lifetime. From basic actuator solutions, to IC - Integrated Control systems,  LINAK offers a variety of TECHLINE products to meet your needs.

Contact LINAK TECHLINE and let us know how we can help you improve your grain handling application.

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