Linear Actuator Solutions for Feeding Automation

feeding automation

Linear Actuator solutions for feeding automation

The right amount of feed is a decisive factor in animal farming. It can, For example, sometimes be necessary to reduce the amount of feed for one single animal.

The farmer must make many decisions on individual backgrounds making it essentially important to observe and control the feeding process.

Electric linear actuator solutions from LINAK can ease the feeding process significantly for the farmer. This could, for example, be the case at stations with feed containers allowing the animal to be fed individually.

Each individual container is filled separately via a transport system. When the feed container is full, a simple mechanism releases the feed. A LINAK actuator is capable of releasing up to 100 feed containers simultaneously.

An automatic feed system has significant advantages over manual systems. The farmer can observe his livestock peacefully at feeding time instead of being busy doing manual labor. This is a huge advantage because the animals eating habits is an important indication of its health condition.
  • Automatic adjustment and dosing of the amount of feed for every single animal – makes sure the animal does not receive too much or too little feed.
  • Ensures optimal animal welfare and optimized production 
  • Makes adjusting and feedback possible – easy to optimize the system

Electric actuator systems from LINAK add flexibility to applications by offering excellent interfacing with control systems and data bus communication systems. Positioning is very accurate and superior to other actuator solutions.

Please contact LINAK TECHLINE for specifications and even more actuator solutions for feeding automation and other farming equipment.

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