Actuator Solutions for Stable Climate Control Systems

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Linear Actuator solutions for stable climate control systems

Correct and accurate temperature inside stables is essential in maintaining optimal animal welfare.

Livestock is reliant on the ventilation system and the indoor climate control for balanced temperature and optimal conditions inside the stable at all times.

When the outside temperature falls or rises, the farmer must be able to quickly adjust the temperature inside the stable accordingly.

TECHLINE linear actuator solutions are known for easy integration with overall stable control systems and for many years of maintenance free service even in extreme environments. For climate control inside stables, actuator solutions from LINAK can provide a number of excellent features.

  • Automatic adjustment of the heat intake according to outside temperature, on demand from the climate controller
  • The actuator system can be controlled by the overall stable automation systems and thus ensure instant reaction to temperature changes without the presence of the farmer
  • Specifically for piglets or other youngsters, the automatic adjustment of covers will ensure precisely regulated temperature for optimal conditions and animal welfare. 

Compared to hydraulic systems, electric linear actuator solutions from TECHLINE are easier to install and require no maintenance during their lifetime. There are no weak spots such as hoses and pumps in your application.

They are environmentally friendly due to generally low energy consumption and the risk of harmful oil leaks is removed.

Please contact LINAK TECHLINE for specifications and even more actuator solutions for stable climate control and other farming equipment.

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