Actuator Solutions for Stable Ventilation Systems

stable ventilation

Linear Actuator solutions for stable ventilation systems

A perfect functioning air ventilation system inside stables is essential in maintaining optimal animal welfare. Everything has to be in balance in order to secure best possible conditions for the livestock.

Airflow, CO2 level and temperature must be balanced correctly and at the same time it is important that the animals are not exposed to drafts.

TECHLINE linear actuator solutions work together with the overall stable control system. It makes sure that the ventilation system runs automatically and maintains the perfect indoor climate for the wellbeing of the livestock.

  • The actuators regulate the ventilation on demand from the climate controller to ensure balanced ventilation conditions with correct temperature, CO2 level and airflow
  • The air ventilation system is regulated for perfect circulation without exposing the livestock to draught
  • Actuators provide controlled movement and absolute feedback
  • Actuators communicate with the climate controller, and give a feedback if the actuator has reached the position, to make sure that everything works together for optimal ventilation. 

Electric linear actuator solutions offer amazing flexibility when it comes to interfacing with control systems and data bus communication systems. Positioning is extremely accurate and superior to other actuator solutions.

Please contact LINAK TECHLINE for specifications and even more actuator solutions for stable ventilation systems and other farming equipment.

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