Linear actuator solution for seed drills

seed drills

linear Actuator solutions for seed drills

In modern day farming, small adjustments and careful attention to details such as the right amount of seed spread in precisely the right way can make a lot of difference in yielding a cost-effective crop.

Soil conditions and weather have not changed over the years, and farming is as rough, dusty, dirty and muddy as it's always been. This is exactly why TECHLINE® electric linear actuator solutions are perfect for seed drills. You get precision control and positioning with smooth operation and years of maintenance-free performance under all sorts of extreme conditions.

We offer TECHLINE actuator solutions for a number of features on a seed drill.
  • Adjustment of pre-emergence marker tines – for increased effectiveness

  • Seed lid opening – removes the manual process of opening

  • Marking of furrow lanes – ensures optimal seeding in the field and maximum output

  • Adjustment of seeding calibration – ensures optimal seed dosage with no waste as well as best conditions for yielding a high output crop

  • Advanced control – actuator systems can be integrated into other control systems for high efficiency

Compared to hydraulic systems TECHLINE linear electric actuator solutions are easy to install and there are no weak spots such as hydraulic hoses and pumps. And, you get an environmentally-friendly solution with no risk of leaking harmful oils, low energy consumption and a no maintenance motion control alternative.

Please contact LINAK TECHLINE for specifications and additional actuator solution inspiration for agricultural machines.

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