Linear actuator solution for agricultural machines

Electric Linear Actuators for combine harvesters

LINEAR Actuator Solutions for Combine Harvesters

Harvesting is hard work that puts a lot of strain on equipment. A combine harvester is built for tough work and harsh conditions, and must be a finely-tuned machine.

This calls for solutions that offer smooth and accurate control as well as reliable performance under any working conditions.

TECHLINE® electrical actuator solutions fulfill both these requirements, and we provide thoroughly tested and well-proven actuator solutions for as many as 15 different features on a combine harvester.
  • Grain tank extension – ensures maximum volume in the grain tank and fewer stops to unload 

  • Electric opening and closing of the grain tank covers – offers fast and easy access for inspection

  • Concave adjustment – precise setting of the concave ensures optimal output

  • Adjustment of the cutter bar – correct positioning of the cutter bar ensures maximum output

  • Adjustment of knives – accurate setting of the knives ensures more effective harvesting and optimal output

Effective, easy and accurate control are keywords for all LINAK TECHLINE linear actuator solutions. We strive to improve your efficiency and working conditions.

Almost any movement can be automated and controlled easily and comfortably from the cabin. We can even provide many automated solutions to make the cabin a more ergonomic and comfortable workplace, including individual adjustments of steering wheels, seats and ventilation just to name a few.

Compared to hydraulic systems, TECHLINE electric actuator solutions are easier to install, require no maintenance and provide long-lasting durability. There are no weak spots such as hoses and pumps to fail in your application and the environment benefits from low energy consumption and no risk of harmful oil leaks.

Please contact LINAK TECHLINE for specifications or additional actuator solutions for agricultural machines and other farming equipment.

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