Electric linear actuators for ventilation and farming solutions

Ventilation &
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Reliable and adequate ventilation in animal houses is essential to farmers. The ventilation system takes care of adjusting the temperature and humidity of the air as well as regulating the indoor climate by cleaning out dust, fumes and natural gasses. An insufficient or malfunctioning ventilation system can cause serious - even fatal - problems for livestock.
For more than a decade TECHLINE® has supplied ventilation equipment manufacturers and stable designers all over Europe with electric actuator solutions for ventilation and farming automation applications. Linear actuators for ventilation systems provide a simple, cost effective alternative to other motion control solutions.
TECHLINE electric linear actuators are easy to install, easy to integrate into control systems and provide excellent feedback and positioning. To most customers, however, what really makes the difference is the well-tested and well-proven reliability of TECHLINE electric actuator systems in harsh environments demanding a very high IP-protection.

Actuators for Feeding Automation

Linear Actuator Solutions for Feeding Automation
Correct dosing of feed is essential in animal welfare and effective animal farming. Electric linear actuator solutions from LINAK can ease the feeding process significantly for the farmer, provide precise dosing and ensure optimized production.

Actuators for Grain Handling

Linear Actuator Solutions for Grain Handling
Grain handling calls for extreme accuracy to avoid spill. TECHLINE actuator solutions can easily be integrated with control systems and deliver maintenance-free service for many years. Almost anything in the grain handling process can be automated and controlled easily and accurately with electric actuators.

Actuators for Slurry Tanks

Linear Actuator Solutions for Slurry Tanks
Handling manure is dirty, dangerous work. Automated processes can help increase the safety level for the farmer and make the work easier and less dirty.  TECHLINE electric actuator solutions can give the farmer the opportunity to handle the manure from a safe distance by a simple touch of a button.

Actuators for Stable Climate Control

Linear Actuator Solutions for Stable Climate Control
Optimal animal welfare inside stables relies on accurate climate control. TECHLINE actuator solutions can supply the ventilation system with automatic, temperature regulated, opening and closing of, for example, covers for piglets and other youngsters.

Actuators for Stable Ventilation Systems

Linear Actuator Solutions for Stable Ventilation
Everything must be balanced to secure best possible conditions for livestock in stables. Airflow, CO2 level and temperature must be correct and the animals should not be exposed to draught. TECHLINE actuator solutions work together with the overall stable control system. It makes sure that the ventilation system runs automatically and maintains the perfect indoor climate.


Electric actuator systems are very well suited for a lot of applications that could improve the working conditions for a modern farmer. Automatic adjustment of the feed flow and remote control of hard to get to valves and electrical cover lifts are just a few examples.
If you have an idea that could both improve the farmer’s life and give your business a competitive advantage, please contact TECHLINE and we are more than happy to help you realise it. We believe that the best linear actuators for farming solutions come from close cooperation between supplier and designer, and you will find that the TECHLINE team of engineers and consultants will gladly use their vast product and applications expertise and know-how to your advantage.

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