Electric linear actuators for outdoor power equipment

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Outdoor power equipment is all about replacing manual work processes with highly automated and innovative machines.
When it comes to improving productivity and providing simple, safe and yet powerful movement for these machines nothing comes close to a LINAK TECHLINE® electric linear actuator solution.
TECHLINE has more than 30 years of experience in the development, manufacturing and successful use of linear actuators and complete actuator systems. Just tell us what you need, and together we will find a solution that captures your customer’s attention.
Flexibility is key at TECHLINE. We cover needs from small, light and compact actuators to tough and powerful systems able to lift up to 2200 lbs (10,000 N). All have one thing in common - they are built and tested to work under harsh and rugged conditions.
TECHLINE linear actuators for outdoor power equipment are reliable, maintenance-free, and provide long-lasting durability. Electric actuators are easy to install and control. You eliminate weak spots such as hoses and pumps. Energy consumption is low and there is no risk of harmful hydraulic oil leaks.


TECHLINE actuator systems make a difference in powered lawn and garden maintenance products from electrical power wagons and small utility vehicles to lawn tractors, big mulching mowers and fairway cutters.
Besides improving productivity by making otherwise hard and demanding work easy actuator systems are often used to improve the ergonomics and comfort of the user. For instance, TECHLINE provides actuators for outdoor power equipment that are useful for the adjustment of mowing decks, steering wheels and seats on mowers and tractors.
Please contact TECHLINE with your needs and ideas. All members of our team of engineers and consultants have vast application and product expertise to help you come up with the perfect solution. 

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