Electric linear actuators for industrial automation



Factories and industrial production facilities must optimize their processes to make the most of both machi­nes and manpower. Many machine builders have found electric actuator systems and industrial controls to be the perfect solution to meet this need.
TECHLINE® linear actuators are extremely versatile, providing both powerful movement, excellent control and precise accuracy. You will benefit from lower costs, easier installation and easy integration with control systems compared to other solutions.
Customers and end-users will enjoy the competitive edge of machinery built with linear actuator solutions. Factory management will appreciate rapid change-overs, maximum up-time, zero maintenance of actuators, long lifetime, no risk of harmful oil leaks and low energy consumption. Employees will experience smooth automation replacing demanding manual work processes.


In recent years, efficient management is focusing on safety and ergonomic working posture when choosing new machinery. Today it is widely recognized that better ergonomic working posture both improves individual employee efficiency and reduces absenteeism.
Electric actuator systems are particularly well suited for all sorts of individual adjustments. TECHLINE has provided a number of advanced linear actuators for industrial automation including work platforms, lifts, tables, chairs, just to name a few.
TECHLINE linear actuators for industrial automation are tested extensively for reliability and found in production lines and material handling operations all over the world.

We are dedicated to helping you perfect your application. If you need to lift, push, tilt or adjust safely, smoothly and accurately please contact LINAK TECHLINE and we will help you develop the perfect solution. All members of the LINAK TECHLINE team of engineers and consultants have vast application and product expertise and are totally committed to your needs and ideas.

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