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It is important that even the smallest component in an application can stand the harsh environment in heavy-duty industries. All components have to withstand a wide range of rough conditions. This could be radical climate changes where extreme temperatures can occur or conditions where dirt and vibration is a part of the daily exposures.

Quality problems and the costs associated with maintenance, downtime and unpredictable breakdown can prevent companies from utilizing their full potential. TECHLINE actuator systems provide high-quality, maintenance-free solutions which help prevent downtime and breakdown.

LINAK stands for 100 percent reliable components that are put through rigorous testing. In addition, through close cooperation and good partnerships LINAK provides simple and intelligent solutions that will not only improve the functionality of a wide variety of applications but also provide extensive unique advantages. For instance, an intelligent IC solution in a harvester that makes precise positioning possible or precise dosing in a fertilizer spreader with easy regulation of the amount of fertilizer spread onto the field.

Learn how Miedema saves a great deal of time by electrically operated settings or read more about how New Holland makes a combine harvester even more efficient, environmental sound and comfortable for the operator with the use of electric actuators.
What is a Linear Actuator
An electric linear actuator is a device that converts the rotational…
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Actuator Testing
Extreme cold and heat, rapid temperature changes, exposure to chemicals and salt..
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