LA34 Linear Actuator

LA34 Linear Actuator

The LA34 is a technological state-of-the-art actuator that, due to its innovative construction, can push up to 10,000 N at a speed of 5 mm/sec. and with a current consumption of approx. 7 Amp.

The strong LA34 electric actuator is made with a low weight composite material.

Its compact design, outstanding performance and a wide range of safety options makes LA34 the right choice for a variety of medical and industrial applications.

The LA34 24V actuator is approved according to IEC 60601-1:2005 3rd edition, ANSI / AAMI ES60601-1:2005 3rd edition, and CAN / CSA-22.2 No 60601-1:2008.

  • Max. Thrust: 10,000 N in push application
  • Max. Thrust 6,000 N in pull application
  • Max. Speed: 18 mm/s

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linear actuator la34

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