Electric Actuator Controls, Attendant Control OpenBus™ (ACO)

Electric Actuator Controls, Attendant Control OpenBus™ (ACO)

The ACO (Attendant Control OpenBus™) is a cost optimized and compact unit with up to 15 buttons that can be used as Handset keys or Lock-outs. The lock-out function can be made visible by using yellow LED's.

The ACO is compatible with control boxes that use an OoenBus interface i.e. CB6SCB16 and CB20. ACO electric
actuator controls are for for use with advanced hospital beds and nursing home beds (OpenBus beds) where patient positioning must be carefully controlled by medical staff.

The ACO allows nursing staff to retain direct control over critical positioning functions while giving the patient a limited degree of adjustment. This high degree of selective control is vital in cases such as spinal injuries and other similar conditions where backrest positioning must be carefully supervised. 

The ACO is ergonomically designed and easy to install on even the most advanced equipment. The ACO has a flexible “hook” which enables it to be positioned according to the nurses wishes, out of reach of the patient (for example at the end of the bed), and serves to block the handset functions that may be inappropriate, or even dangerous to the patient.

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attendant control openbus (ACO)  

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